logo urbapps_2 What is the potential of mobile applications for the improvement of cities? From this simple question we have built the proposal of URBAPPS: an open collaboration platform for the construction of mobile applications for the city< /strong>.

The concern to build Urbapps arises from the observation of the confluence of two important current trends: the enormous explosion of mobile applications and the growing urbanization of the world population. In this context, we wanted to launch a platform that unites two worlds, that makes them interact so that the sparks of creativity emerge. Thus, through Urbapps we try to bring together experts in urban dynamics (environmental, civic, mobility…) with technologists who are aware of the technological possibilities to improve the city.

To seek synergies between these two groups, we have activated the presence of URBAPPS on the web and in our first workshop, held on June 9 in Valladolid, in which we bet on popular design methodologies (storyboards, mockups, etc.) for the dynamics .

In this case, given the short amount of time we had, we chose to work without a computer. As a former professor told me: “don’t let Microsoft plan your project”, alluding to the fact that the limitations of computer programs often modify our decisions. This time, we prefer to choose the freedom of paper, over the power of using computer tools. Although yes, we want to take the next step and bring some of these applications to reality in future editions.

In conclusion, Urbapps has just started and we want to use it as a collaborative platform in which to learn about experiences and share concerns about this world. Also, we hope it will be, a platform on which little by little we can promote mobile application initiatives that reach society and improve our cities.