The UN Environment Assembly approves the resolution to curb plastic pollution and reach a binding international treaty by 2024.

The Fifth United Nations Environment Assembly, meeting in Nairobi on March 3, 2022, voted in favor of reaching a legally binding international agreement to curb plastic pollution worldwide. world.

According to the approved text, an international negotiation committee will be created to prepare a legal instrument to reduce plastic waste in the environment, covering the entire cycle of this product. The document is intended to be ready by 2024.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) points out that the production of plastics has grown exponentially in recent decades. Currently, the annual production is 460 million tons, and 99% comes from fossil fuels. Only 9% of global production is recycled. At least 14 million tons ends up in the oceans; however, 80% of marine debris is plastic. Microplastics reach various marine species, and through them, also the human body.

The future fight against plastic pollution will depend to a large extent on the text that is submitted for agreement in 2024 and its both binding and voluntary provisions, so the work of negotiation and pressure to be done in the next two years will be essential.