7047535553_1c8bd603e0_mThe worst omens are here. That there would be cuts in public spending was to be expected, but I did not want to imagine that this would be the only thing that our political representatives were going to present to us in the budget project.

Cutting to invest in the future was the wish that I expressed in my last post and nothing of that. Of course, neither innovation nor education and science are recognizable priorities anywhere. In all of them (as can be seen in the budget project) there are very, very substantial cuts.

Someone may argue that in these matters, as in others, we were wasting money and that, finally, the same or even more will be done with less funds. I am not saying that there is no waste of public resources and that, of course, things can be done better. What is breathed in the budget, however, does not go that way. It is cut in these items because they have funds and because what does it matter? As one of my friends said with a lot of “joking” “From lost to the river”.