Researchers from the Plant Physiology Laboratory of the UPV/EHU have measured the emissions and inputs of greenhouse effect in various forests and pastures in the Basque Country with the ultimate goal of proposing a tree selection system that best adapts to the water conditions that climate change will cause.

In pastures, the effectiveness of the DMPP compound in preventing nitrogenous compounds from being lost under certain water and temperature conditions has been measured. In the forests, for their part, the emissions of the main greenhouse gases (CO2, N2O and CH4) have been measured and the differences between different types of forests have been calculated. It has been proven, on the other hand , that a certain method may be valid to predict how the trees will acclimatize in the future, depending on their origin, to certain water conditions, opening a way to know how they will adapt to the water conditions that climate change will bring with it.