Image1_14You may already be familiar with the project Open Energy. If not, take a look at this because the work of Fran Castillo< /a>, Oscar Marín Miró and Christian Szucher to define an energy consumption visualization platform designed for a distributed energy model in which the Internet of Things will increasingly play a growing role. The Open Energy system is deployed in two levels: Energy Monitoring Device, which through open hardware (Arduino) monitors electricity consumption, and Open Energy Visualization, which through of an augmented reality app allows users to view consumption in real time.

In this video you can find more details of the system description:

Open Energy from Responsive Environment on Vimeo.

A few months ago we dedicated a few lines to the latest book by Jeremy Rifkin. The exploration of Open Energy is a practical and real example of many of the things that are told in this book and helps to understand in detail what kind of things the relationship of communication technologies with the energy system will materialize in a an environment as everyday as the domestic space. And, from there, the scale can be increased to see, interpret and analyze the real flows of energy consumption in buildings, streets, neighborhoods, cities, etc. to better understand these patterns in space and time, something especially useful as energy production becomes more and more decentralized and the relations between energy production and consumption become more complex.

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