logo-unia-ocwAs I mentioned a while ago, Belinda Tato fromUrban Ecosystem invited me to participate in a summer course organized by the International University de Andalucía titledCreative Urban Sustainability. The course is taking place this week and yesterday I had to speak yesterday to address the issue of competitiveness with a presentation entitled Urban economy trends in the configuration of cities.

I leave here the presentation, although I fear that it’s just a visual illustration of the schematic I used. In the course program my part was, necessarily, the most theoretical or, at least, the one most aimed at exposing trends rather than specific cases, since the rest of the content is more aimed at exposing new emerging forms of intervention in the city and in public spaces. So I want to believe that the aridity of the trends that I exposed yesterday and the dynamics with which the urban economic development model has worked in recent years in return have been able to provide some context. And, in any case, preparing this intervention has helped me to recapitulate many of the things that have been appearing in this blog and have been accumulating in Delicious, forming a more or less logical structure although, surely, still a bit confusing.