New image_5 Last week I was in Malaga in the conference on urban planning and sustainable mobility organized by the Málaga Urban Environment Observatory , of which I spoke a while ago. The idea was that I could be in charge of reviewing some critical elements of the relationship between the local and the urban with climate change as an introduction to the cases that were presented later in the day. Faced with such broad topics, there was no other solution than to be selective when it came to selecting certain aspects and leaving others unaddressed, at the risk of building a story that was too fragmentary. To try to avoid this, I wanted to structure the intervention around two aspects that I raised as structural: assuming from the local level that we are in a crisis economy and assuming the restructuring towards a post-carbon world, guiding the responses to this from an adaptive urbanism . Like other times, the story turned out to be a review of what I have written, read and archived lately on these topics, a perfect opportunity to order and give a bit of shape to so much information. Also as other times, the desire to make a more finished wording of all this. Hopefully, this will be possible in the next few weeks, so that it doesn’t just end up in the presentation document that I used and that I leave here:

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