virtual reality in our day to day infopost

We have been hearing about virtual reality as something that will be in our daily lives for a long time, and it seemed like one of those inventions that was never really going to reach our hands. But everything points to the fact that technological development has reached the necessary maturity so that the leap into the world of the general public is finally credible, and clearly inevitable. The question is whether it will be in the medium or long term.

As noted in a recent article by TechCrunch, Microsoft, Oculus VR (owned by Facebook), HTC or Sony will launch their models of virtual reality headsets this year, the problem is that they will need to connect to PCs or consoles of the latest model at a very high price. In addition, various issues remain to be resolved to better align the VR user experience with the human sensory system and minimize dissonances.

Once these problems are solved, virtual reality could give rise to applications with the power to transform a multitude of sectors. Beyond the first thing that may come to mind – television, movies, video games, entertainment – we must consider all the sectors in which the customer can try a product or service before purchasing it. From car or home sales to travel agencies, it will be possible to experience virtually before living the real experience. Education and training for professionals are also a favorable breeding ground for immersion experiences. And the possibilities for the world of design can be endless. For all of this to be truly possible, an entire field of software content creation will need to be developed.