WattThe Gipuzkoan start-up Wattio, designer of the energy control system of the same name, will break into the United States with its product exclusively through Amazon.

The kit of devices connected to the Internet that allows you to control consumption and household electrical appliances from your Smartphone will be distributed to the United States, following the company’s internationalization campaign, since Leroy Merlin is already distributing both in Spain and Portugal .

A system designed to make life easier:

  • Energy savingWattio allows you to know when and how you consume energy, as well as automate the switching on of your electrical devices in a comfortable and simple. Save on your electric bill while you learn.
  • Security alerts Receive alerts on your mobile if someone breaks into your home or if there is a gas leak. Calling the police or cutting the general gas key will be just one click away.
  • Comfort Control from your mobile device the temperature at which you want to have your home. Regulating heating or air conditioning has never been easier.
  • Dependent person care Receive an alert on your phone in case a dependent person falls or leaves home. The immediate use of this system can save many lives.