We will always have Melbourne

We do not know if Melbourne is really the best city in which one can live, yes, what is undeniable is the determination of the Australian city to make the city a sustainable space as well as economically viable, for this reason , it is no coincidence that the capital of Oceania leads the list of the magazine Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) which measures the quality of life in different cities across the globe.

The reasons why Melbourne tops the list every year is due to its spectacular evolution after in 2009 the city suffered one of the worst episodes in its history, a summer with intense temperatures that ended with a fire that caused death of 179 people, then, the city put an improvement plan with measures such as:

  1. Natural protection against heat by planting trees that provide shade and collecting rainwater.

  2. Renovation of old infrastructures to better deal with possible fires

  3. Generation of renewable energy, the city has the objective of generating 25% of the energy it consumes in a sustainable way by 2018.

  4. Preservation and protection of indigenous culture