1865482908_20b890274bThis week we have received great news here, and is that one of our ideashas been awarded the first prize for innovation from Telefónica Chair of Innovation and the Autonomous University of Madrid, to whom we greatly appreciate their trust and with whom we share our joy. This little push will help us turn our ideas into reality.

The mobile application  Uhand seeks to solve a latent need… Why do we still use so much paper today? Today we still share tickets, tickets, leaflets, receipts in the form of paper. .. It’s really necessary? Our mobile app Uhand (Virtual Hand) will finally solve this problem. We don’t need to have our pockets and purses full of stupid papers anymore.

Uhand will offer a creative and innovative formula using mobile devices and the possibilities they offer us through proximity technologies.

Now we have to work so that Uhand becomes a reality soon!