WeChat- infopost

WeChat is often presented as the Chinese WhatsApp, but in reality it is much more than that. In addition to instant messaging, WeChat centralizes the functions of many other apps, something that we in the West are still unaware of. The Chinese spend more than a third of their time online on this platform that accompanies them from day to night, at work and in their personal lives, so Silicon Valley giants like Facebook are closely following in their footsteps. An article from The Economist has turned its attention to it.

The Chinese use WeChat instead of email for their professional and business communications; however, it also integrates a business-oriented chat service. Without leaving the WeChat universe, its 700 million users can keep up with the latest news, easily share large files, interact with TV, or even make friends and flirt. And perhaps the function that is most notably followed in Silicon Valley is making purchases and reservations online, as well as making digital payments in a physical store. More than half of the app’s users have integrated their bank details into WeChat, a degree of trust that WhatsApp or Snapchat have not achieved, and which makes it possible to think that the recurring promise of a world without coins in will be fulfilled. cash.

What are the reasons for your success? First of all, it must be taken into account that many Chinese citizens entered the Internet directly through the smartphone, without going through the PC or email. Therefore, the conditions for mobile-focused business models were optimal when Tencent, a leader in video games and online chats, introduced WeChat as an innovation five years ago. But what is most noteworthy is the effort dedicated to innovation, both in the design of the platform and in the marketing actions aimed at introducing the new functionalities to the public. Also, and not least, the gaming or e-commerce features provide you with many more monetization opportunities than any other messaging app. The dependence users have on the app makes it essential for advertisers.