Eyjafjallajokull- 2More than a year ago month of the volcano eruptionEyjafjallajokull and at this point there is not much need for him to explain the consequences of his activity on aviation European.

What not too many have bothered to calculate and explain have been the consequences on CO2 emissions that have been avoided “thanks” to the Volcano. Well, in the following graph you can see the consequences that the eruption has had on air pollution.

The red triangles correspond to the daily emissions from both the European aerospace industry and the volcano (calculated through the ratios for conversion to CO2 equivalents, since the main emissions in an eruption of these characteristics are in the form of SiO2 ) and the black triangle is the tons of CO2 that are not have been issued due to flight cancellations due to the eruption. If you have any questions about the calculations, you can consult them here.

It is therefore clear that the environmental impact of the volcano eruption has been positive in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Regarding the economic impact, according to a study