The Regional Competitiveness Index (RCI), published by the European Commission, places the Basque Autonomous Community 7.6 points above the EU average.

The region achieved a score of 107.6, 7.6 points above the EU average and 15.1 points above Spain. It stands out in the criteria of Technological Maturity (135.2), Higher Education (126.9), Innovation (118.8), Health (117.2) and Institutions (115.7).

The Basque Autonomous Community thus improves on the score obtained in the last two measurements carried out by the European Commission, both in 2016 (104.9) and 2019 (102.7).

In comparison with the rest of the Spanish regions, it is only surpassed by the Community of Madrid, which scores 19.3 points above the European average. At the European level, the regions of Utrecht (Netherlands), Zuid-Holland (Netherlands) and Île-de-France (France) lead the ranking.

See: EU Regional Competitiveness Index 2.0 – 2022 edition