In which countries do you work the longest hours

In our environment, the face-to-face work culture continues to prevail, although we are increasingly aware that spending more hours at work does not necessarily translate into greater productivity, and there are many who corroborating data. It is more profitable to manage efficiently by planning the working day properly and prioritizing tasks by importance. In some of the countries that stand out most in productivity by GDP generated per hour of work, such as Norway, an average of 39.1 hours a week is worked, while in Spain the average is 41.3. A study by John Pecavel for Stanford University concluded that working too many hours greatly reduces productivity. After fifty hours a week, productivity is drastically reduced, and there is a minimal difference between what is produced in 55 hours or in 70 hours.

The following infographic shared by GetVoIP compares actual working hours per week in forty countries around the world, and unsurprisingly, is a Nordic country, Denmark, where less time is dedicated to work:

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