Report ‘The moment of nature: Steps to be ‘Nature Positive’ within the framework of the ‘Nature Business Ambition’ initiative, with the aim of promoting business action in the field of nature recovery and biodiversity.

It is estimated that more than half of the world’s GDP depends on natural systems, so their degradation seriously compromises long-term economic growth. This is so since companies generate impacts on nature, which in turn generate risks due to their codependency towards those same natural systems. That is why integrating these risks into decision-making is vital, since we not only depend on nature, but these natural systems, by themselves, are one of the best tools for CO2 absorption in the fight against climate change. climate change and to mitigate the impacts generated by this change in climate. In order to reverse these losses of natural systems, in the business field the objective is to become “Nature Positive”, for which much progress is being made in the development of regulatory frameworks, policies and instruments, both national and international. However, it is time to take action and integrate, not sustainability, but nature itself into the business strategy. For this, it is necessary for companies to periodically measure and monitor all aspects of their relationship with nature, reducing impacts (and promoting the regeneration and restoration of ecosystems) through actions that help to achieve the objectives step by step. until reaching the goal of becoming “Nature Positive” in 2030.