6109709656_a760a79a68_mIt seems that in Europe we could agree to allocate up to 1% of GDP to a special plan to promote growth. It is undoubtedly a success that Europe is beginning to think about the real economy after a good time speculating on the monetary and financial economy. It is true that the amount sounds ridiculously small (around 100,000 million Euros) compared to the figures that are used for the bailouts of the banking sector, but there is no doubt that it can be a great boost if it involves additional investment.

Depending on its economic weight, in Spain we would be talking about around 10,000 million Euros that, well invested (not spent) could be used to change the chip of austerity and feed a new path of transformation. My proposal: a great State pact that adds to the private initiative, multiplies the funds and focuses on educational projects. But please, do not consist of building new buildings.

Image taken from vectoportal