spain- euskadiSurely the immaturity of the process of settlement and consolidation of the Spanish autonomous state and the lack of a more natural and normalized recognition of the reality of competence of the Basque Country have been the more or less veiled reasons for dragging out some unnecessary contradictions and duplications between Basque institutions and the central government for years .

The managers of the current model over the years have allowed (sometimes even encouraged) overlapping institutions operating in the same territory (from police forces to statistics institutes) to coexist with a scheme of duplications that could be shown to be equivalent to that existing between the Autonomous government and the regional councils and that often allows a permanent questioning of the Basque self-government with interference in matters that are of exclusive competence.

Without going into assessing the opportunity to advance or not towards greater or total political sovereignty, what is involved with this idea is to draw attention to the absurdity of maintaining, with current legislation, institutions and organizations that carry out the same activities . From my point of view, the lack of perception of Basque institutions as State institutions in our territory makes the Central Government resist withdrawing or integrating some of their activities into those of the Basque Country. Either the Basque institutions are a Spanish State or they are not, but both things at the same time only lead to duplication and cost overruns for both Spain and our country.