It is not always correct to expose errors and that is that from time to time a light of optimism is needed. Charles Kenny, senior fellow of the Center for Global Development, is one of the optimists that through the youtube platform of Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation tells us about the improvements we’ve made in recent years.

1.- Eradication of poverty and hunger: Despite being an area where there is still a lot to improve, progress has been immense. The results have exceeded the objectives set for development and that is that the number of people living on less than 25 dollars a day has been reduced by 50% since 1999.

2.- Universal primary education: The truth is that there are still thousands of children who do not go to school when they should be enrolled in primary education. The vast majority of children (90%) in developing countries are in school, but the problem is that many children leave without knowing how to read or write. Therefore, what we should really focus on is the quality of education.

3.- Gender equality: Gender equality is another hot topic that is still in a precarious situation, especially in developing countries.

Reducing the rate of infant deaths, improving the health of mothers, fighting diseases such as HIV or Malaria, environmental sustainability and international alliances for development are other aspects that are mentioned and in which it has been carried out. out big improvement.

A video that leaves aside the great deficiencies that we all know. But the truth is that when you set ambitious goals and have many weak points, it is absolutely necessary to highlight from time to time what is done well to continue with enthusiasm and create a better future.