406180756_4315084422Last week, we were visiting the Hub Madrid and knowing the activities that are carried out there, its work model, its dynamics… Hub Madrid is one of the best-known co-working spaces: an Anglo-Saxon word that refers to the activity of working together with others and that is normally used when we talk about spaces in which that freelancers, creatives, designers, small start-ups… share to launch their projects.

In addition to the obvious operational advantages that these spaces offer to small businesses and liberal professionals (costs, ease and immediacy of implementation, etc.) co-working has other very interesting derivatives related to more emotional factors. Co-working helps these small businesses and entrepreneurs not give up in their attempt, they do not feel alone or discouraged, they rely on others in their same conditions to undertake… These co-working spaces generate relationships, networks that help for business ideas to flourish, grow, prosper… After all, these places favor social and economic development.

In Spain, there are already many examples of initiatives that go in this direction. Some of the most established are the Hub Madrid, Cocoworking,Creapolis, Medialabprado, Okuri Spaces, Utopic_us, Yuzz, Studio Banana,Ciball, Eutokia… Still in development phase launch, Valladolid Adelantehave also launched a space of these characteristics available to The entrepreneurs. Little by little, they fill it with activity, such as the Project Accelerator where I had the pleasure to participate last weekend.

This is good news for entrepreneurs who little by little have more options to undertake.