Wikileaks_LogoThere are many of us who we are “hallucinating” with Wikileaks. Since I had the use of reason, I began to question the words and values ​​of many politicians and diplomats, but the Wikileaks leaks are having a point of no return for me in this regard.

From now on I will value the realism of American thrillers with greater zeal. It will turn out that the intricate films about kidnappings, bribery, pressure and many other nonsense of the US government to pursue its ends through embassies, and various agencies were more true than some of us thought. As if that were not enough, the protagonist of the story, Julian Assange, is accused of rape while several multinationals (Amazon, Visa, Mastercard…) constantly block all his movements. As of today, in Hollywood, they won’t have to invent dark plots: they have for years with the true stories spread by Wikileaks.

Some are eager to enter the debate on whether Wikileaks is good or bad, alluding to the fact that the privacy of communications is vital for political, business and social dynamics. They maintain that the world moves thanks to secrets. Well, well, I think there are secrets and “secrets”. If the US embassy interferes with the Spanish judiciary or covers a multinational like Pzifer so it doesn’t face trial for the death of eleven children I think that’s good to know. Because these are criminal practices that must be prosecuted and condemned.

In the face of such atrocities, the role of US diplomacy seems absurd to me in trying by all means to get public opinion to focus on the privacy of communications. That there are people committing crimes and claiming that “this had to be a secret” seems simply pathetic to me.