image (23)IDEA FOR THE BASQUE COUNTRY #15: Volunteers for education. Make it easier for each primary school teacher to have at least one “volunteer” and trained assistant to support them in their teaching tasks and improve the quality of the education provided. Volunteers who can, without substituting in any case the functions of teaching professionals:

• Support in the teaching of Basque
• Support in the teaching of foreign languages
• Give personalized assistance to students with special needs
• School reinforcement depending on the needs
• Carrying out complementary activities to formal education that are not covered by public funding.
Two volunteer groups would be of special interest.
• Students in the last years of their undergraduate degree who could obtain, in addition to social recognition, freely available credits depending on each faculty or school.
• Groups of people who are retired from their previous occupation and who want to put their knowledge and abilities at the service of the Community.

Thanks Iñaki for another great idea!