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After a long process of analysis, reflection and consultation and after the approval of the Basque Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation 2020, the Basque Government has approved the Decree 109/2015, of July 23, regulating and updating the composition of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network. The decree, which incorporates very significant changes, will not be an insurmountable barrier for the main agents to meet the new requirements and re-accredit themselves if they wish, but there is no doubt that it will be a key milestone that will force them to reflect and adjust. to the new scientific-technological policy guidelines.

Among the changes introduced, three are the ones that Naider considers most relevant: firstly, a more simplified and organized typology of agents is established and with this the current situation in which the figures and types had multiplied with the previous ones is corrected. consequent pernicious effects and dysfunctions that, without a doubt, this entails. In addition, the new decree better defines the function and role of each of the typologies to which a certain role is associated in the system as a whole linked to the strategic objectives of the Basque science, technology and innovation policy. In this line, there is no doubt that there has also been an important regulatory advance that facilitates strategic coherence between the agents in the orbit of the Department of Education, the Department of Health and the Department of Development and Competitiveness. This is a path that will have to be further deepened in the future to further strengthen the integration and harmonization of all the agents.

Secondly, more rigorous criteria are established for the accreditation of agents, which is especially significant in the case of agents within the scope of the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness. In this case, they are required to meet requirements related to the structure, financing, governance and management of the institution, as well as the presentation of an Action Plan for 2020. In the case of Technology Centers and CICs, the Action Plan for 2020 must identify the initiatives to achieve the standards established in the reference scorecard, which is, without a doubt, a very relevant requirement that will force the centers to rethink their strategies and align them with the scientific and technological policy. Along the same lines, it would be of great interest to follow the same trend with other agents in the network, and in particular with those that receive the most public funds, advancing in the preparation of dashboards appropriate to each type of agent and aligned with the guidelines for Basque science and technology policy in the medium and long term.

Finally, a regulated accreditation procedure is established, with multi-departmental bodies in charge of analysis, evaluation and resolution. Likewise, a Register of Network Agents is created, which will serve to provide transparency to it with respect to third parties involved in the science, technology and innovation system. Undoubtedly, these mechanisms will be the key to the development of processes that facilitate effective governance of the network over time. In our opinion, these mechanisms will be greatly strengthened to the extent that new instruments are also promoted that improve the functioning of the network itself, strengthening its dynamism and its projection, both internally and externally. Because what offers real strength to a network are, in addition to the agents that form it, the richness of the relationships between them to take advantage of complementarities and economies of scale of all kinds.

Very soon the agents of the Basque System of Science, Technology and Innovation who may belong to the network will be accredited in their respective categories and it will be possible to verify their evolution and performance. Undoubtedly, a very important step in the already veteran trajectory of the Basque science, technology and innovation policy that will have to be followed closely in the near future.

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