The era of BigData

Never before have we had so much information at hand, with a click on the screen of our mobile we can access as much information as we want, despite this, it is also true that We have never found ourselves so lost with her, the excess of information overwhelms. Even so, there are companies that have decided to make it their business base, we are talking about “Bigdata”; These companies base their business model on the collection of data that other companies publish to later make estimates and future predictions: plane ticket prices, hotel reservations, sales and purchases in general, etc.

Cases like Farecast are starting to become less rare for the market; startup that takes advantage of an unoccupied business opportunity in the market offering an innovative service and is later bought by a giant for an exorbitant price, in this case by Microsoft and 100 million dollars. This company took advantage of the data issued by the airlines to create its own database and thus be able to predict the future price of trips on each airline, advising the ideal time to make the purchase.

That is why big data is presented as one of the latest opportunities offered by the market to occupy a space still unoccupied today and that will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about.