1299419720681_0In the Horn of Africa, in parts of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, tens of thousands of people flee from abject poverty to humanitarian aid camps in Ethiopia and Kenya. The drought, the increase in the price of basic foods and the situation of violence and lack of control in Somalia are causing the greatest misfortune that human beings are suffering at the moment. And the situation is even more serious, if possible. All these children who now suffer from malnutrition will suffer from irreparable sequelae for the rest of their lives. That is if they are lucky. Apparently mothers are faced with the cruel position of having to prioritize the insufficient food they have in one of their children to at least save one of them.

A single death in these circumstances should be enough to shake millions of consciences. What will we be becoming if, having this panorama before our eyes, we worry more about saving Spain’s debt for the benefit of four white-collar criminals or spending millions and millions of euros to wage war in countries where no one has called us.

The following video is extremely hard but you have to see it. Personally, it makes me feel ashamed towards the northern societies that having the means to solve this, we are allowing it to happen. And more so today, where it seems that there is no other crisis than the financial one.