The most ambitious and controversial road infrastructure project in the Basque Country (with permission from the Super-Sur Bilbao) is finally advancing at full speed. It seems that the Ministry has wanted to finish this pharaonic project (or simply that the Juncker Plan can report a financial boost to the Ministry and it wants to take advantage of it to connect its brand new high-speed network to Europe). Be that as it may, the Basque Government has managed to get an end date for the minister during her visit yesterday to the works in the complicated Bergara junction.

Without entering into the controversy of his opportunity for the country, it is paradoxical that this project, which has been in the making for two decades, has had its greatest development just at a time when public coffers have been least prepared to face it. For these works, in fact, there has hardly been a truce. Virtually all other spending and investment have been cut or decimated in essential issues of the welfare state and law (education, health, benefits) and to strengthen the capacities of our economic fabric (science, technology and innovation). They all hope for better times. The Basque Y, however, has come out stronger and in 2019 we will be able to enjoy this enormous effort that we have made. The Basques are in luck because, in theory, all the money advanced will be returned via quota.

One more note. Nor is the city of Bilbao going to support any austerity policy in this case and you are also in luck. The minister announced that the initial project of burying its entrance to the city center from Basauri is being resumed. With this ambitious option, urban regeneration will be spectacular in the entire Abando-San Francisco area. No details are yet known about the entrances to Gasteiz and Donostia. But surely they will also be at full speed!