Approach of the service: Driving the economic promotion strategy and the competitiveness of the business fabric of cities and territories.



The economic promotion of municipalities, cities and territories must respond to the particularities that each geographical space presents without losing sight of the avant-garde and international trends. To achieve this, it is essential to have a common strategic commitment that responds to the needs of all agents.

Having a strategic framework for economic development and promoting the business competitiveness of the municipality, city or territory helps to have common bases that help guide the course of activities. In addition to reflection, economic promotion is promoted through action, therefore, it is also necessary that reflections and strategic priorities give rise to action initiatives that promote the economic prosperity of the municipality, city or territory and help take advantage of opportunities for the three great transitions: energetic-climatic, technological-digital, socio-demographic.

Institutional framework: 2030 Agenda, European Industrial Strategy, The European Green Deal, Plan for Industrial Development and Internationalization 2021-2024 Basque Government, PCTI 2030, Euskadi Interinstitutional Entrepreneurship Plan 2024.