Description: The Platform of the Observatory of Indicators is conceived as the agglutinative of the Systems of Urban Sustainability Indicators. The platform is aligned with the System of Indicators for Follow-up and Evaluation of Plans and Strategies, with Urban Indicator Systems and also includes the identification and alignment of the other indicator systems used by the entity. The observatory also has a reporting system that contains tables, maps and graphs, with which to obtain a visual and attractive x-ray of the territory; and an interactive data exploration tool that allows custom queries to be carried out.


  • The observatory is designed to facilitate the management, monitoring and evaluation of Action Plans, as well as the graphical and geographical representation of indicators.
  • The digital platform can be directly connected to the entity’s internal information by accessing its own databases and servers, so that as Excel, Access or other databases are updated, in addition to the layers of geographic information, the digital platform will be updated directly.
  • With the proposed design, numerous outputs are obtained and graphs can be made, comparisons can be made, the degree of execution and fulfillment of objectives reflected, filtered according to the years to see the historical evolution, as well as visualize maps, see the degree of involvement citizenship, among other issues.
  • It will allow the generation and downloading of follow-up reports in different formats: studies, reports, maps, bulletins, policy guidance documents, databases and other information products necessary for proper management of the process and implementation of the Action Plan.