We have opened the first call for our cowork in Bilbao.

What is this about Naider Cowork Bilbao? It’s a good thing, don’t be scared! This is a Naider initiative to welcome professionals at various stages of their careers (economists, engineers, architects, urbanists, communicators, managers, facilitators…) who see Naider as a project that covers their concerns and that allows you to shape your professional activity. Naider provides equipment, network, brand, support services, facilities, references and digital presence.

We offer various ways of linking to Naider within the framework of Naider CoWork Bilbao . From the simplest, as “Freelance” to the most committed ones that operate under the professional formula “Associate” to Naider, who, in addition to using our facilities and our physical and digital equipment, conceive the Naider brand and project as their best corporate umbrella for their proposals and professional services.

Watch the presentation video that we have prepared. It will help you ground yourself a bit. Then calmly read the rest of the sections of the web page that we have prepared for this purpose ( so that you can choose the profile and the modality that best suits what you need. Its sections detail the process we follow and you also have a post with FAQs. In any case, if you have any questions you can contact us at this email: or directly on the contact form at the bottom of the page.

We also invite you to visit the Naider website and their profiles at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram. There you will be able to learn a little more about the Naider project in general, the things we like to do and the value that Naider can bring to you in your professional development. Naider has been on a voyage for twelve years contributing to economic, technological and environmental development. You will see that it is a good place from which to add value.

Outside of this call you can also send us your proposal spontaneously. We will value it with great attention and interest and when a vacancy occurs we will be happy to call you to come to Naider.


Submitting your application to fill your position at Naider CoWork is simple but requires a little prior reflection on your part. We want to know your CV logically but surely you are already on Linkedin and you have written there your academic qualifications and your professional career. What we ask of you is that you help us get to know you a little better and tell us which product lines and services you would like to contribute or develop or which initiatives you would like to promote from Naider CoWork. In this way we will know how to value a little better the opportunity that joining the CoWork can mean for you.

Portrait of a young businessman


All about you

The application must include, in addition to your CV, a short presentation of your career and, above all, your concerns for the future. Tell us about your professional passions and what you consider to be your main talent or competence. Tell us something about your character. For example, if you are more thoughtful or have a more activist and entrepreneurial spirit. Tell us about the role you play in the work teams and, ultimately, about everything that helps us to get to know you as a person and as a professional. You can articulate the presentation around a brief writing of little more than one page or dare to take your mobile phone and tell us out loud in a video.



Where do you feel most comfortable?

You have already seen above that there are several ways to participate in Naider CoWork. Choose the one that seems most suitable for your interests: Freelance, Associate, Partner or member of the Naider Hub. We also highlight in another section a series of professional profiles (Profile 1: Entrepreneur…. Profile 2: Facilitator / Catalyst…). Please tell us which one you would like to develop in the CoWork team. Finally, indicate what you think is your current position in the range of responsibilities in a team or activity: leader / manager of execution / technical / support. If you are not sure where to position yourself or you see yourself straddling several things, tell us calmly and don’t worry.



Your products or initiatives

Tell us here the type of product or service that you have seen in the Naider catalog that may interest you the most or the one that you would like to develop from Naider CoWork even if you have not found it in its catalogue. If you see that it has an interesting commercial path, tell us about it. On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur or want to set up some kind of initiative that you think fits into Naider, tell us briefly about the project/company you want to launch. If what you want is to commercially represent Naider in a specific geographical environment or market, we will also be delighted to hear about your proposal and your experience in this regard.


sequence of events

The first thing you have to do is spend a few hours preparing your candidacy. Send the information that you have prepared for each of the three large blocks (PRESENTATION, MODALITY, PORTFOLIO) in the format or formats that you deem most appropriate (pdf, video, web…). The address is the following You can also direct your doubts to this same email.

If there is a call in progress, in the month immediately after the end of the term we will carry out the selection process and we will call you to get to know each other and, with a bit of luck for all of us, articulate your entry into Naider CoWork when we agree. If it is a spontaneous application, we will analyze it carefully and responsibly and we will give you an answer.