NAIDER will support the DFB in the monitoring and evaluation of the Roadmap for the implementation of the Energy Sustainability Law 4/2019 of the Basque Autonomous Community in the institution.

The project consists of providing technical assistance to the energy sustainability commission of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia led by the Sustainability and Natural Environment department in its commitment to implement and monitor the DFB’s Energy Sustainability Roadmap in accordance with the requirements of current legislation.
This service is conceived as a collaborative work with the Provincial Council teams aimed at articulating an organisational and management system that allows the regular collection of information on energy matters to comply with Law 4/2019 on energy sustainability and to have basic information to guide the actions of the Sustainability Committee. The information will be collected and unified in a homogeneous manner. It will be presented in quarterly monitoring reports and in the annual report that will be used to report to the Basque Government.