Corporate news equality ordinance bilbao

Naider has led, in collaboration with the professional law firm Abella Legal, the participation project, which involves both political personnel and technical, as well as the agents and movements in pursuit of the participation and empowerment of women, for the Strengthening of Institutional Relations in the Elaboration of the Ordinance on Equality of Women and Men for the Bilbao City Council.

Naider’s work has gone through establishing different participation dynamics, in order to establish the main demands and concerns, press the perception of the agents and associative movements involved, and thus identify the main lines of action and find an approach most appropriate for the drafting of the Ordinance on the Equality of Women and Men for the municipality of Bilbao.

Naider has been in charge of the project Maite Martínez Granado, PhD in Economics from University College London and partner of Naider.