We have met with the agents and entities that make up the network of the Sagasti, Ipintza and Itturrin industrial estates to identify places likely to incorporate nature-based solutions. Linear arborizations, biocanals, draining pavements, natural pergolas, solar panels, and other technologies pursue the regeneration and revitalization of the environment from an approach of coexistence with nature, sustainability, and business competitiveness.

The project is being a complete success thanks to the courageous commitment of the Oarsoaldea regional development agency, which decided to break into a disruptive project with an approach to regenerate industrial estates hand in hand with nature. The project is configured in the form of a Naturalization Plan and the preparation process, in addition to the companies and associations of the industrial park itself, also has the support of the Lezo City Council and Bidasoa Oarsoko Industrialdea.

We love being part of such an important transformation and promoting a change of focus in the way of doing things. Many of the industrial estates in the Basque Country need to be renovated, equipped, supported by redevelopment processes that help them to be competitive and find themselves in a modern, efficient and sustainable work environment. Carrying out these processes hand in hand with nature is a paradigm shift that has already broken through and that we trust will take root in the approaches and guidelines for urban regeneration that are to come.