Donostia Zinemaldia

In recent months, NAIDER has had the honor of working with Donostia Zinemaldia to carry out its environmental diagnosis and evaluate its position with respect to other competitions, as a basis for taking measures to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact. During the project we do not focus only on the 9 days that the festival lasts, but on its entire life cycle, on the 365 days that the organization and preparation of the event last.

With the participation of NAIDER, the Festival called on the media yesterday, August 25, to present the study carried out and the first steps taken. Various media have echoed the environmental commitment shown by Zinemaldia, also underlining Naider’s contribution to its materialization, among them, the EFE Agency, the Cadena SER, ElDiario .es, El Diario Vasco, Basque Wave, or The Agora.