All the CCLLs (Coastal Cities Living Labs) that make up the SCORE project had the opportunity to meet again on the occasion of the Open Living Lab Days congress, held in Barcelona on 22 and 23 September.

On the arrival day, SCORE partners had the opportunity to get together for a learning exchange activity and learn more about the Vilanova CCLL and its progress during this time of the project. We focused on the successes and challenges it has faced at different stages in order to share experiences that can be of help to each other. All this so that they can move forward more successfully in their goal of seeking and co-creating ecosystem-based solutions to increase their resilience to climate change.

On the 23rd, in front of the Open Living Lab Days audience, where different livings labs from different countries and cities and with different objectives were gathered, SCORE’s CCLLs had the opportunity to explain their case studies to the attendees and show the work they are doing at a local level.