Last Thursday 1st February, at the headquarters of Urola Kostako Udal Elkartea in Zarautz, the regional meeting of the Basque Network of Sustainable Municipalities Udalsarea 2030 took place with the town councils of Urola Kosta: Aia, Getaria, Orio, Zarautz and Zumaia. The meeting space served to share knowledge and exchange experiences and solutions for the promotion of sustainable local action.

The meeting presented the main lines of work of Udalsarea 2030 -climate and energy, circular economy and bioeconomy, green procurement and contracting, soil protection, waste prevention and management, zero pollution and health- and the services offered to local entities to promote sustainable local action and the 2030 local agenda in the Basque Country.

Udalsarea 2030 presented services such as the programme for the evaluation and monitoring of local sustainable development policies and the strategy for boosting local action on climate and energy in the Basque Country. From the municipalities, the priority lines for the current legislature were presented and the needs and possibilities for collaboration within the framework of Udalsarea 2030 were raised.

Finally, the Urola Kostako Udal Elkartea presented the energy information point that they have made available to companies in the region; and Zarautz presented its blue-green ring project, in which they emphasised the achievements and barriers of the process from the point of view of the local entity.