On Friday 15 December, Ortuella Town Council organised the Initial Forum of the 2030 School Agenda for the 2023/2024 school year. It was attended by the eco-delegates (ekodelegatuak) of the three schools in Ortuella, as well as technical and political members of the town council. During the day, the pupils were able to review the tasks that the different centres are carrying out in terms of sustainability. The municipal diagnosis carried out last year in relation to SDG 3 on Health and Wellbeing was reviewed and the day focused on shaping an action plan to respond to this diagnosis.

The City Council pointed out the resources that exist in the municipality as well as the actions that are going to be carried out next year in relation to SDG 3. The Mayor then intervened to respond to all the demands that arose in the June Municipal Forum, where the schools proposed various improvements for the centres and for the municipality. The day ended with a participatory process where the students were the protagonists to think and decide what will be the action plan to promote SDG 3 in the municipality over the next year.

Over the last year, Naider has assisted Ortuella Town Council in environmental matters and, as part of this work, has accompanied and guided schools in the context of the 2030 School Agenda.