Lately we have read in the press unfortunate and irresponsible statements by some Basque mayors regarding immigration. The most notorious for its forcefulness has been that of the mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz, accusing citizens of North African origin who live in the city of little less than criminals and fraudsters. Mr. Maroto was referring to the, in his opinion, generalization of the fraudulent collection of Income Guarantee Income by foreign citizens living in his city. It is not the first time that this mayor has attacked immigrants, exuding classism and recklessness in equal parts.

El Correo, always ready for populism on this issue and for using a journalistic style in its news very similar to Maroto’s statements, surprises us with a objective analysis of the data on income collection by Basque citizens. We allow ourselves the pleasure of sharing this analysis with you. The Post Office disrupts the mayor of Gasteiz from the PP, as the ballots in the Vitoria polls will surely do in the next elections.

Vitoria, open city. Vitoria, a city in permanent welcome. Vitoria, a mestizo and cosmopolitan city par excellence, will replace its current mayor next May. And it won’t be foreign immigrants who do it. The mayor’s party does not grant them the right to vote or the right to work. The tens of thousands of people from Vitoria who came to the city in their day and the vast majority of good autochthonous Gasteiztarras will be in unison who will not tolerate anyone questioning the solidarity of this city with the most needy people or the open city vocation of the Basque capital.