haiti children It is now, before what happened in Haiti was forgotten, time to ACT!

Naider, responding to its social commitment has wanted to articulate an action plan to raise funds aimed at financing aid and rescue work that are taking place in Haiti.

Through the non-profit association Ekopass, which will serve as a management and gallant vehicle for the proper use of the funds raised, < strong>we have activated a checking account.

If you want to join Naider in his search for funds that will allow Haiti to combat the chaos in which it is immersed and can rise soon from its ashes, we provide you with the account number where you can make your contribution.

2095 0047 80 9110282936 (BBK)

The concept to be specified is: Ekopass: Aid to Haiti

Naider, through Ekopass, will allocate the money that we all have raised for projects that the NGDO Engineering Without Borders of the Basque Countryhas in Haiti.

Throughout these days we will inform you about it and we will offer you a more detailed explanation of the initiatives that are going to be carried out with the money we collect.

You already know that Union is Strength! Let’s stand in solidarity with Haiti!Thank you for your time and willingness!


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