NAIDER participates in the General Council of Irun Ekintzan to present the report with the results of the alignment of IrunEkintzan with the Sustainable Development Goals.

On Wednesday 9th March during the General Council of Irun Ekintzan we presented part of our work on the alignment of Irun Ekitnzan’s activity to the Sustainable Development Goals.

In recent months we have been working together with Irun Ekintzan to flourish the contribution they make to the SDGs through their activity. The project began with an initial analysis of the objectives, indicators and lines of action. This analysis was contrasted and worked on with the member entities that make up Irun Ekintzan through two workshops. The workshops were the ideal format to introduce the SDGs from a local approach, and to make the member entities part of the process.

As a result, the report presented includes the new approach of Irun Ekintzan through a battery of indicators that are directly related both to its activity and to the SDGs to which they contribute.

Thank you very much, Irun Ekintzan, for trusting Naider.