With the beginning of the year we have started a new project. Over the next few months NAIDER will assist the municipality in the implementation of the current Energy Sustainability Act in the municipality.

The project has started with the analysis of the energy sustainability regulations in order to be able to implement them properly in the municipality, followed by the diagnosis and positioning in energy and climate matters. With all this, in a more advanced phase, it is expected to be able to obtain the map of opportunities for the implementation of renewable energies in the municipality and, with this, define the roadmap with different alternatives for action.

In order to carry out these types of tasks or energy sustainability plans, which are compulsory for all Basque local councils, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia has launched a line of subsidies to cover part of the investment to be made. This subsidy will be open until February 28th.

We will keep you informed about the evolution of the energy transition in Amorebieta.