Productive and urban spaces maintain links that feed back and need each other for their prosperous development. The promotion of innovation processes, the generation of knowledge, the provision of business and social services at affordable costs or the possibility of accessing jobs that satisfy the needs and aspirations of people are only some of the benefits that occur thanks to the correct integration of spaces for economic activity and urban areas.

The Polígono 27 de Martutene, is, due to its integration into the urban environment, an ideal area of ​​intervention where to be able to integrate it not only physically, but also in content and dynamization< /strong>. With the idea of ​​materializing it, Naider technically assists Fomento de San Sebastián in the identification and development of opportunities to revitalize the San Sebastián business park.

In addition to the physical improvement of the space, the objective of the analysis that is carried out is also to rethink the processes and modalities of use of the business park to achieve a structural and lasting revitalization over time.