PPPI DFB Project

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia, local administration of the province de Bizkaia in the Basque Country, has entrusted Naider with the analysis and evaluation of the Innovation Promotion Plan Program that the aforementioned entity has launched in recent years to boost innovative processes and products in the fabric business of the Historical Territory of Bizkaia.

In 2013, the Department of Economic and Territorial Development unified its efforts to promote innovation in the areas of product, process, people and patents in a single program. After three years of operation, the Department considers it necessary to carry out a detailed study to reflect on the coherence of the approach carried out during these three years. The study quantifies the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the Program, as well as the real and driving impact on the business fabric of Bizkaia, providing valuable information on the best way to respond to the needs of companies in the coming years.

The project is implemented through a socio-economic analysis methodology with the use of econometric techniques that have made it possible to measure the results of the programs. In this sense, all the beneficiaries of the programs are surveyed regardless of whether the project supported by the council culminated in success from a technical point of view.

The technical direction of the project has been in charge of the current Department of Economic and Territorial Development of the Diputación. Naider’s work team is made up of the economists Iñaki Barredo, Maite Martínez and Jon Urrutia, as well as the industrial sociologist Mercedes Oleaga. This team has extensive experience in public policy analysis in the Basque Country and the rest of Europe. In particular, the project team has continuously participated in the development of plans, strategic reports and analyzes related to the industrial policy and the management of science, technology and innovation in the Basque Country in the last ten years.