The proposal, which will be presented next April to one of the HORIZON calls of the New European Bauhaus, seeks to recover the identity of the neighbourhood through innovation proposals around creative and sustainable industries with the creation of a Living Lab.

The loss or replacement of traditional uses and functions, changes in society’s way of life, as well as the relocation of industry and commerce out of the city centre, have had significant negative impacts on the Ensanche neighbourhood over the last decades.

Through the revival of a new creative and sustainable industry, the promotion of entrepreneurship, the recovery of talent and the promotion of new governance strategies, the project aims to: (1) create innovative architectural and design solutions that emphasise the use of materials and new forms in line with the objectives of the European Green Pact for both physical and virtual spaces; (2) harness the social function of architecture, arts and design, with the aim of fostering social inclusion and accessibility and (3) seek new ways of cooperation between relevant actors interested in designing a new European way of life in line with the New European Bauhaus. It also aims to test its replicability in other European cities.