Innopbasque Project Innovation Report 2

Naider collaborates with the Basque Innovation Agency, Innobasque, in the preparation of the first “Innovation Report of the AC of the Basque Country“. The report is aimed at finding out the state and overall performance of the Basque Country’s science, technology and innovation system. This Innobasque initiative consolidates the Agency’s determination to find out about the positioning and opportunities of the Basque Innovation System. The report is also part of the new monitoring and evaluation model proposed in the PCTI Euskadi 2020. It takes into account the context of the European Union, the countries that make it up and the comparison with the main European reference regions for the Basque Country.

This is an analysis work based on objective statistical data from the main data sources of the Basque Country, the State and the European Union, as well as from the main international organizations specialized in innovation and regional development.

The technical direction of the project is in charge of Innobasque while Naider collaborates in the treatment of data and interpretation of the comparative analyses. Naider’s work team is made up of the economists Iñaki Barredo, Maite Martínez and Carlos Cuerda, as well as the sociologist Mercedes Oleaga. All of them with extensive experience in public policy analysis in the Basque Country and the rest of Europe. In particular, the project team has continuously participated in the development of plans, strategic reports and analyzes related to the Basque science, technology and innovation policy in the last ten years.