Naider 2016 Commitments

Commitment 1

ARM OURSELVES WITH ILLUSION AND PUT IT INTO OUR DAILY ACTIVITY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR to launch exciting actions for our cities, our companies and our society, adding value and building the future

Commitment 2LAUNCH A TOOL NEW IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE for companies and public institutions, which contributes to the achievement of the objectives reached at the Climate Summit in Paris by offsetting emissions, environmental mitigation and energy efficiency

Commitment 3CONTRIBUTE FROM NAIDER A PROPOSAL FOR DEVELOPMENT OF SMART ECO-CITIES in our environment, based on of our experience and incorporating new technological and socio-urban trends

Commitment 4CREATE THE < /b>NAIDER FOUNDATION as a tool to open the project to new people and b>entitiesthat wish to share with us their commitment to the development of research and training activities, as well as to the implementation of actions of a socio-economic, environmental and technological nature

Commitment 5REINFORCING THE < /b>DISCLOSURE OF CONTENTS OF INTEREST in the fields of economy, technology, ecology and the city, increasing the number to 10,000 of followers who receive our knowledge pills daily

Commitment 6REVERT TO LA SOCIETY THE MONEY RECEIVED FROM SUBSIDIESpublic in successful R+D+i projects and return it through cooperation activities for social, economic or co-development environment at a local or international level

Commitment 7REINFORCING OUR < /b>COOPERATION WITH THE UNIVERSITY to serve as a link with society, generate new naider products and strengthen our talent

Commitment 8WELCOMING A FIVE NEW PROFESSIONALS at the beginning of their career and share with them all our experience and capacity

Commitment 9REVIEW AND PUBLISH AT THE END OF THE YEAR, THE DEGREE OF COMPLIANCEwith these 2016 commitments, as well as compliance with the entire Naider founding decalogue of values