Circular Economy European Parliament Project

Naider has participated, commissioned by the European Parliament, in the development of the analysis of the situation in Europe of the integrated management of waste and water from a circular economy perspective. The result of the analysis is reflected in the report “Towards a Circular Economy – Waste Management in the EU”, prepared for the Scientific Foresight Unit or Scientific Foresight Unit (STOA) of the European Parliament, with the purpose of providing a comprehensive assessment of the policies, technologies and technological instruments that can facilitate compliance with the Circular Economy Objectives Package by 2030, and where applicable, the targets of the Waste Framework Directive for 2020.

Naider has contributed to the comparative analysis of three solid waste management scenarios at the municipal level, which represent the best practices in the EU countries, with a base scenario of deposit in landfills. The three case study scenarios included in the analysis came from Denmark – mixed waste collection and incineration of unsorted waste to produce energy (electricity and district heating) –, Italy – mixed waste collection and biological mechanical treatment –, and Slovenia – segregated waste collection, allowing a recycling rate of 80% (excluding energy recovery) –.

Leading Naider’s contribution has been Maite Martínez Granado, doctor of economics from University College London and partner of Naider.