Juan Iglesias, Urban Ecology Coordinator at NAIDER, will participate next Friday 25th March in the webinar Smart Cities: Data at the service of sustainability in cities.

Next Friday, 25th March, NAIDER will take part in the cycle CLIMATE CHANGE, the path to sustainable transformation in the AIC sector. Organised by AEDIP (Spanish Association of Integrated Project Management), this cycle aims to reflect on the transformation of the sector to achieve the objectives of climate neutrality.

The building sector in the EU is responsible for 40% of energy consumption, more energy than any other sector, and accounts for 36% of the EU’s energy-related Greenhouse Gas emissions. Against this backdrop, a transformation of the built environment of our cities is necessary. In the framework of this cycle, we ask: How will our cities change? What elements will serve as levers to achieve urban sustainability? How can data contribute to a reduction of environmental impact?

Don’t miss it. You can watch the webinar live by registering through the AEDIP website at the following link: REGISTER