The Presidency of the Basque Government and in particular, the Commissioner for Science, Technology and Innovation, has entrusted Naider with the provision of technical and methodological support to the discussions of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Basque Council for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Basque Autonomous Community to shape the document “Evolution and perspective of the Basque Autonomous Community in Innovation. Analysis of the RIS 2023 results“.

In addition to evaluating the reality of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation System from the perspective of the methodology used in the Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS), a European Commission report that evaluates the performance of innovation in different regions of Europe, Naider’s technical secretariat will activate a process of collaborative reflection among the members of the Scientific Committee with the aim of bringing to light valuable recommendations to be submitted to the Council in order to strengthen the Basque Country’s position as a leading country in innovation in Europe.