In order to have an inventory of the NBS actions carried out in the Basque Country, NAIDER has worked together with IHOBE to review and analyse the projects carried out to date and those in the execution phase.

The work carried out has focused on obtaining as much information as possible on all the good practices in the promotion of Nature-based Solutions (NBS) by the different local councils in the Basque Autonomous Community. To this end, descriptive information on the projects and more technical information on the specific BSS that have been implemented has been compiled. The challenges they face and the benefits they bring to society have also been analysed. The economic aspects have also been considered and all the information has been inventoried in a structured database with indicators. Finally, a catalogue of good practices has been drawn up that includes different types of BMS applied, a document that aims to facilitate and promote decision-making towards the implementation of these solutions in other municipalities.