In the coming months, the collaboration between NAIDER and Ortuella Town Council will focus on the construction of the local agenda 2030 of the town. We take on this challenge with great enthusiasm.

The Local Agenda 2030 will be an agenda that aims to transform Ortuella as a roadmap for the municipal government. The Agenda will be confirmed in the committee formed by all the parties in the town council, both in the strategy phase and in the action plan phase. At the same time, we will include the proposals of the municipal technicians and look at the technical points. In terms of economic development and local sustainability, NAIDER will complete the Agenda with its technical point of view.

In addition, importance will be given to the opinions of citizens and local agents. To this end, participatory processes will be organised for the definition and development of the Agenda, which will initially allow them to become familiar with the process and, subsequently, to formulate their proposals and ideas.

Throughout the whole process, we will be in contact with Udalsarea 2030 so that this Agenda that we are creating is useful for Ortuella Town Council and other town councils included in Udasarea 2030.

Let’s start building a more sustainable Ortuella in 2030!